• Dutch  top triathlete Bas Diederen wins 111 ILUMEN BILZEN event (1 km swimming, 10 km running and 100 km cycling) in Belgium on the 14 th of May, using his 2-SPOKE wheel-set

  • 2-SPOKE BAS plaatje

    VIDEO at:   https:vimeo.com/217698205     (Bas at 1.50 min.)


  • Bas Diederens first public performance with his 2-SPOKE wheel set leads to his fastest bike time during IRON-MAN event in Texas

  • Remco Grasman did an outstanding job and beated professional cyclist and time trial expert Steven Lammertink (Lotto-Jumbo team) with almost 40 seconds in the same heat….

    2-SPOKE Vadesto tijdrit

During the 16 km long VADESTO time trial on May the 16 th  Remco covered this distance in a miraculous 48.98 km average whereas number two and professional cyclist Steven Lammertink used 38 seconds more resulting in a 1.5 km lower average speed. Last year Remco used 1 minute more then Lammertink in the same time-trial. Remco also improved this track record and has now improved EACH track record in the last 8! different time-trial events all over the Netherlands.

  • Triathlete trainer Pieter Aben now promoting “2-SPOKE” on the triathlon eldorado at Lanzarote island.

2-SPOKE Pieter Aben bij M5

It took Pieter Aben only one single bike trip with his Specialized S-works to be convinced about the incredible aero benefits of the 2-SPOKE wheel set. In his words: the “brick wall speed limit” has moved upwards by almost 2 km!!


  • Alyda Norbruis wins Worldcup Competition using 2-SPOKE wheels

Alyda Norbruis wins time trial during Worldcup competition Maniago , Italy (12 May 2017) with 2-SPOKE wheels.

  • Three first places with 2-SPOKE wheels at World Cup Para Cycling, Mantiago, Italy (12-05-2017)

During three different time trial events today May the 12th 2017 the 2-SPOKE wheels were again the fastest with a first place for Women C2 category Alyda Norbruis (double gold medallist in Rio 2016) , a first place for Jetze Plat (gold and bronze medallist in Rio 2016)  in the very competitive H4 class and a first place for Tim de Vries in the H5 class.

It looks like normal but it is absolutely not….

Today Remco Grasman won the 4th!! time trial in a row this month over a distance of 34.45 km despite a very strong participant field and a very hard wind. Lots of profit from the 2-SPOKE wheels!! Remco reached an average speed of 49.3 km/h! And Guido Vroemen’s coaching works as well. Remco never finished a time trial of this length above 49 km/h average. This of course is not coincidental. O.K., Remco is with his 44 years of age a truly unbelievable time-trial cyclist but he confirms that he’s riding like 1 to 2 km’s faster with his 2-SPOKE wheels depending on wind conditions and directions PLUS he can use them in very strong wind conditions where other people are almost blown away with their full disc-,  3-,  4- or 5 spoke wheels.

Image: Bauke Wagenmakers



And for the third! time in 2 weeks another victory and AGAIN track record at the Ard Schenk time trial in Wieringermeer (19-04-2017)

Under again very cold conditions Remco amazed himself, the partcipants and the organisation with yet another victory and track record!

Remco Grasman did it again on the biggest (800 participants) time trial event in the Netherlands, (Almere 15-04-2017)

Remco absolutely smashed the rest of the field with an astonishing 47.59 km while Beaufort 5 was blowing from the north east. He was like two kilometre faster then the nr. 2. And that’s not all… despite the cold (12 degrees) and stormy (Bft.5) weather a new track record was set. While everyone was complaining about the strong side winds Remco used the energy of the wind with his 2-Spoke bladed wheels!

TRACK RECORD for Remco Grasman with 2-SPOKE wheel set.

Remco Grasman wins the years first time trial in Warns (7.3 km with standard traffic…) He set a track record time with the use of the 2-SPOKE wheel set and reached an average of almost 50 km/h. Although this was already his fifth successive year, it was his fastest time ever!

Bike Radar covers 2-SPOKE wheel

Wondering if cross winds will be converted to free speed! Check the article in Bike Radar.

New sponsorship between 2-Spoke and multiple Dutch Time Trial Champion Remco Grasman.


Last week Bram Moens delivered officially a brand new set of 2-SPOKE wheels to Remco Grasman. Remco will use these fastest wheels in the world in the coming 2017 competition. We will keep you updated about the results!



qatar_1 qatar_2

Maaike Boogaard in action with 2-SPOKE wheels during the World Championships in Qatar at the Women Juniors Individual Time Trial. In below video Maaike can be seen at 32:39, 45:06 and 50:23.



Jetze zwart wit

  • Two golden, one silver and one bronze medal on Rio Paralympics with M5 2-SPOKE wheel!
  • And a new world record on the 500 meter standing start as well for Alyda Norbruis…

M5 2-SPOKE wheels are used by the worlds fastest professional bicyclists and hand-bikers. Among them the current Paralympic and world champion Triathlon 2016 Jetze Plat and many more professional cyclists like world champion and two times Paralympic gold medalist Alyda Norbruis (Rio 2016). Also the TEAM.NL tandem with Vincent ter Schure and Timo Fransen have used the 2-SPOKE in  the 20 km time trial with a silver medal as result.

Especially the use of the wheel in the tandem proves the strength of the wheel.

Recent article and video in the newspaper PZC (in Dutch)

Video: Women’s Individual Pursuit – C 1-3: qualifying

2-SPOKE is UCI approved

Rio 2016 Results