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The clap skate of road racing?
23 December 2017


Translation of BNR News Radio item
by Marjan van den Berg
23 December 2017

A bicycle wheel with two spokes: an innovation by which Dutch inventor Bram Moens wants to conquer the world of cycle racing. This doesn’t happen without effort, but BNR spoke with a racer who, since using the wheels, has increased his speed so dramatically that he’s completely convinced.

A wheel with two spokes? “the idea is already thirty years old”, says inventor of the wheel Bram Moens. “The fewer spokes, the better. Eddy Merckx already said it: every spoke is a brake. So it’s best to have the least possible number of them. Nowadays this is technically possible, because there are now fantastic carbon fibres to make these products.”

Moens calls the two spokes “wing profiles”. “When they were ready and we tested them, it showed that the two profiles generate a lower air pressure in the plane of the wheel, meaning it takes less effort to cut through the air. So, less energy and higher speed.”

The 45 year old Remco Grasman is a so called elite racer without contract and the best time trial rider in our country; in the category 45 plus he even became world champion. The uses the Moens two spoke wheels and says he has become much faster on his bike. “A first race conformed it immediately”, Grasman says. “It was a short time trial of 7 kilometres. I cut 12 seconds of my personal record. That’s a lot on 7 kilometres.” He didn’t believe immediately that it was because of the wheels. “I thought, well, it’s a coincidence. The second race I also won with superior numbers (…). So I increasingly attributed it to the wheels.

Clap skate

Still it takes Moens effort to sell his innovation. “We saw the same thing with the clap skate. It was introduced in 1994”, he says. “In the beginning people chuckled a bit about them too, but four years later everybody in Nagano used them. And everyone was riding new world records.”

Click here for the original page, including sound clips of the interview with Bram

2-Spoke Red Bull peleton

Red Bull 100 km Time Trial Event

Sunday, October 8 th, ready for the large “Red Bull Time Trial Event 2017”. For the first time, I  (Dylon de Kok) could use the 2-spoke wheel-set. Luckily I didn’t miss this experience! After 22 km I already was 1 minute and 40 seconds ahead at number 2.  Already 200 “leaders” were started.
At first I was a little skeptical about the advantage of the 2-spoke wheels, but this completely disappeared after this first part of the 100 km. It even converted into extreme enthusiasm. Around the 20 km marking point, a team member joined me to strengthen the team. Everyone acknowledged the benefits of the 2-spoke wheels. It also became clear to my teammates that I deviated less from my straight line than riding a disc rear wheel. At 17 km from the finish we were 3 minutes ahead of the 2nd team. Unfortunately, I got a flat …Eventually we ended up (having to change the tube) in a nice second place, 34 seconds of the winning team.
Next season I will ride my time trials on this fastest wheel set of our planet: so obvious!



Jetze Plat realized an incredible IRON-MAN HAWAII triathlon in only 8.41.47 hour thus finishing 26th overall of 2232 nd total!

2-Spoke Jetze Hawaii finishImage: Bert Willems

With this list Jetze finished well below 9 hours in his very first complete triathlon at the World Championships in Kona, Hawaii last weekend. His respective times were 53.14 min. for the 3.8 km swimming, 5.25.18 for the 180 km biking, and 2.19.20 for the marathon.

The use of the 2-Spoke wheel-set contributed well to this phenomenal result! Images will follow soon.


2-spoke Hawaii


Coming Saturday there will be THE annual and by far most prestigious Iron-man of the year in Kona, Hawaii.

As a new brand, but with large expertise, we are proud to have some of the fastest athletes using our record wheels. Among them one of the big favorites: top athlete Jetze Plat from the Netherlands who will take part in the para-triathlon division. He’s in a very good shape this year (became e.g. World Champion and gathered much, much more titles). Besides that we have some triathletes from Denmark and the Netherlands as well.


2-SPOKE Monster tijdrit Remco, Bauke Wagenmakers   Image: Bauke Wagenmakers

Almere, the Netherlands,  September 24th  2017

Solo Time Trial of 138 km (85.77 mile)

Average of 46.3 km (28.78 mph) and that was 1.7 km faster then nr.2…

Winner:Remco Grasman

Wheelset: 2-SPOKE (tubular version)



Vigorous victory during extreme long time trial (500 km or 311 mile!) with 2-SPOKE wheelset

Joris Rogiers from Belgium set an amazing average speed on the tacho during a large international 500 km time trial event last summer in the Netherlands winning the first prize. Despite cold and rainy weather he achieved an average speed of  36.63 km/h which is equivalent to 22.77 mph. As shown on his bike computer he even did some 5 km extra.

Meanwhile Joris biked over 6000 km’s the last 3 months with his 2-SPOKE wheel set and is intending to participate on the World Championships Time Trial 6, 12 and 24 hour in Borrego Springs, USA coming 3, 4 November

2 Spoke Joris 500 km tijdrit

joris teller rechtJoris medaille


What’s in the background?

Probably the choice of wheels for the next race!

Schermafdruk 2017-09-23 08.28.46
Source: nos.nl (video)



Sarissa de Vries used 2-SPOKE wheel-set on Almere Triathlon (NL)  September 9th, 2017 and gets silver medal !!

Sarissa-2 Spoke

Check out the video below. 2-SPOKE action at 2 hours 23 minutes.




TOP RECORD MONTH for the 2-SPOKE wheels!

We are very proud to publish this list with the very impressive international competition results of our 2-SPOKE wheels during the last two weeks from August the 24th until September the 3rd


  • Remco Grasman, World Champion time trial on the UCI World Championships Time Trial in Albi, France, 24-08-2017
  • Jetze Plat, World Champion time trial on the UCI Para-Triathlon Time Trial in South Africa, 31-08-2017
  • Sarissa de Vries, 2nd place on Almere Triathlon (long distance) 09-09-2017
  • Pieter Aben, 3rd place on the same UCI World Championships Time Trial
  • Alyda Norbruis ( 2 times gold medallist with the 2 spoke wheels at the Paralympics in Rio de Janeiro), now 2nd place on the UCI World Cup time trial in South Africa, 02-09-2017
  • Lorena Wiebes (Dutch champion ladies, junior) 3rd place on the World Cup time trial in Maastricht (NL), 03-09-2017
  • Daniel Knegt, National Champion Tandem with 2-spoke wheels, Rotterdam (NL), 03-09-2017
  • Remco Grasman is a story on it’s own!! This rider has produced a truly incredible record list this year, his comment:
    “I did a total of 21 time trials in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France and until now 16! of them were new track records, twenty wins and one time 3rd.( flat tire…) 
    This suggests a significant role of M5’s 2-SPOKE wheels in the established records. Last year I couldn’t benefit from these 2-SPOKE wheels and used “conventional” wheels. (3-spoke front, disc rear)”

WK Albi 2017image: Omroep Flevoland

Remco Grasman world champion at UCI World Championships Time Trial in Albi France, using 2-SPOKE wheel-set!

After a very successful time trial season ( with 15 out of 16 first places!)  Remco Grasman from Emmeloord (Netherlands) has become world champion time trial in the elite without contract in his age category (45-49). He managed to cover the 22 kilometres in 30 minutes and 21 seconds on the time trial course in Albi, France, using the  M5  2-SPOKE wheel-set. A beautiful apotheosis for Remco; after this world championship he’s planning to slow things down a little. With a mere 1 minute and 22 seconds ahead of number two the difference in speed was like 1.6 km/h ( 1 mph). No category showed so much difference in speed between number one and number two then Remco’s.

podium wk Albi


And Pieter Aben finishing 3rd on the same UCI World Championships Time Trial with 2- SPOKE wheel-set

During the time trial course in Albi, France, Pieter ended third in the age category 55-59. More info & pictures on his Facebookpage!





Grasman training towards UCI World Championships Time Trial at Albi in France

“Top time trial specialist Remco Grasman from the Netherlands is heading for the UCI World Championships at Albi in France on the 24th of August now he has received a wildcard from the National Dutch Cycling Federation. With 15 out of 16 wins Remco has a marvellous season up till now! The only time trial he did not finish first (but still a 3rd place) was due to a flat tire and physical problems (thrombosis). Despite his age, 45-years old in September, his shape and speed are still increasing also thanks to the use of top material like his 2-SPOKE wheel-set and the support from his trainer Guido Vroemen (who is e.g. trainer of World Champion Hand-biking and Paralympic Triathlon Champion Jetze Plat). Jetze Plat is also a enthusiast user of  the 2-SPOKE wheel-set during all his games.

The time trial track in Albi belongs to Remco’s favourites, 22.5 km (14 miles) and includes rolling hills. His target is getting the first place and nothing less!

LATEST NEWS: During a 45+ km time trial at Heerde on August 6, 2017  Remco finished first again with an astonishing 48.2 km/h  average despite strong winds of Bft. 4/5 and three mean steep hills.

Remco TT Warns 2017

Pushing the pedals with Beaufort 4-5!


Rune Herregodt, 19 years old , 2nd during Belgian National Championships Time Trial, using 2-SPOKE wheel set!




Rune Herregodt, only 19 years old, but racing in a brilliant style to a rather unexpected  2nd place during the Belgian National  Championships Time Trial 2017  thanks to his 2-SPOKE wheel set!



Remco Grasman still third on the Dutch Time Trial Championships despite a flat front tire…

During the National Dutch Time Trial Championships last Wednesday the 21 st of June at ‘s-Heerenberg near the hilly German border, time trail specialist Remco Grasman became third on this 50.4 km long distance.

Normally people would be very pleased with a result like this but Remco who had a miraculous season so far with his new 2-SPOKE wheel-set with 13 wins out of 13 time trials in the 2017 season was the man to beat… But a slowly deflating front tire almost made him crashing in a tight corner. This wheel shift with still 10 km to go delayed him quite a lot ( there was no spare bike). Looking back on images which were taken earlier during the race already showed a  lower volume of the front tire. This wheel shift together with the increased rolling resistance in the period before this dropped him back from rating nr. 1 to rating nr.3….


Read here what top class athletes say about using their 2-SPOKE wheels:


  • Jetze Plat, World Champion ParaTriathlon and World Champion Hand-biking (H4 class). Currently listed  nr. 1 on the UCI rating!

“In the meantime, various tests did show clearly that these are the fastest wheels available. In addition, the feeling is also very important and this was very good from the very first time! Super fast feeling and, above all, absolute no worries when there is a bit of side wind, this in contrary to disc wheels or,  for example, the Zipp 808. I’m very glad I got in touch with these wheels for the time trial!”

The results from Jetze with his 2-SPOKE wheels so far this year….

World Cup triathlon, Gold Coast Australia – 1 st place

World Cup handbiking, Maniago, Italy – 1 st place

World Cup handbiking, Oostende, Belgium – 1 st place

Cologne Classic, Duitsland – 1 st place

Ironman 70.3 Luxembourg (18-06-2017) – 1st place


  • Remco Grasman, Dutch Champion Time Trial (Elite without contract) 2014 and 2016:

“Do the things you’re good in”. Thats the credo of Remco Grasman, 44 years old.
Did originally start his sports career with running and duathlon sport. Always wants to be the best. And because he could not be the best any more due to an annoying foot injury, he is now cycling. He is busy now with his 4th season at top level. For professional top level racing he did start too late actually…Thats why he decided to focus on time trial.
This has resulted in 2-time Dutch Champion in 2014 and 2016 at the Elite without a contract. In his daily life everything is as much balanced as possible: his training, his nutrition, his rest and very important: his material.
Sometimes he drives at an average speed of 50 km/h and at that speed aerodynamics are very important. For example, fast wheels are very important and can make the difference between winning or loosing. At the World Cup time trial in 2014, where he became 3rd, the difference between the rainbow jersey and bronze was only 1.7 seconds!! With the 2-SPOKE  wheels he can make this difference. As a set, he’s faster than with his former disc/3 spoke combination. This season he is faster than ever. Until now (June 17 th, 2017) he participated on 14 different time trial events in the Netherlands and Germany which he all won and most important: he improved all the existing track records as well!  That’s partly because of his talent, but with 44 years he never drove so fast as this year. He no longer doubts about the 2-SPOKE wheels, which he did at the beginning of the season before he started using them. The wheels are very rigid, accelerate very quickly and especially with strong winds there is the biggest benefit. Aerodynamics are on a very high level: even the valve has been removed in the rim. There are simply no other wheels for him.

On June the 21 st, Remco will compete against the fastest pro’s (Dumoulin, van Emden, Lammerting and 50 more! ) using his 2-SPOKE wheelset during the Dutch National Time Trial event. We keep you posted!


  • Bas Diederen, one of Netherlands best performing triathletes:

VERY rigid and very fast wheels thanks to their 25 Watts power saving. Improved my bike speed a lot and the best news is: even with the strongest side winds these wheels provide me a safe feeling while cruising relaxed at 42 km/h….

Winner of 111 ILUMEN BILZEN event (1 km swimming, 10 km running and 100 km cycling) in Belgium

Ironman 70.3 Luxembourg 2017 – 2nd place


  •  Alyda Norbruis, 2 times Gold medallist on Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro 2016:

The combination between 2-SPOKE wheels and being positive makes so much more powerful that it turned out to be one of double gold! It brought me both gold on the 500m track (and world record!) plus gold on the time trial during the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games.”

Results in 2017 are however promising again with first places at the World Cup Para Cycling in Mantiago, Italy and during the World Cup Cycling in Oostende, Belgium!


  • Guido Vroemen, sports physician, Medical Biologist, trainer/coach

I work at my own practice SMA at Amersfoort, the Netherlands and coach and train many professional sportsmen

In addition to sports medical guidance and testing of cycling team Roompot-Dutch Lottery also a lot of individual duathlon athletes, runners and cyclists (from riders, riders to mountain bikers)

For everyone, I try to achieve their own limits with good and smart training. The goal is that every athlete is in top shape at the right time. The body must be perfectly in order but the material too!

Hence my choice for the best and fastest wheels on the market: 2-SPOKE!!


  • Pieter Aben, triathlete and triathlon coach at Lanzarote :

The older triathletes will remember Pieter Aben as the man who always swapped last, and then drove to the head of the race on his bike. “Luckily, you can’t run so fast, I was told afterwards,” Pieter laughs back. A sprained ankle in 2012 forced the Nijmeeg athlete to focus on time trial, with the result that four national titles on this part have now been taken.
Pieter is the living example showing that an advanced age is not an obstacle to sport at a high level. “In 2012, for the first time, I became Dutch champion at the amateurs/masters, of course only in my age category 50+ but at the fastest time. And I’m not getting slower, I only notice that with the years one needs more rest and recovery.
“Time trial and triathlon are of course technical sports, I think that’s the interesting thing on it. I also get some questions about my setup, like: Are you really doing faster or faster with this or that? Well, for example, if you have a pair of two-spokes in an old grandmother’s bike, you will not really notice the difference, but if you know how to combine fitness, attitude and material – and everything’s o.k. – it will be very hard to be beaten ”
At this moment, Pieter is preparing for the World Cup in Albi (France), afterwards there is an attack on the world hour record in the agenda. “I’m the youngest in the UCI category 55-59 this season, so conditions are well for breaking it. I’ll have to ride more than 48 km (30 miles) an hour. A psychological barrier yes, so I’m also excited and convinced that there’s nothing left to improve my material.”

Remco Grasman:

Took part on 14 different time trials in 2017 so far with his 2-SPOKE wheel-set

Number of wins: also 14 times……! not coincidentally, since his speed has improved a stunning 1,5 to 2 km with the same power output!


Image: Bauke Wagenmaker


  • Triathlete trainer Pieter Aben, who lives and works on Lanzarote, with his 2-SPOKE wheels on a windy training session (Bft. 5)

  • Pieter Aben op 2 spoke
  • Dutch  top triathlete Bas Diederen wins 111 ILUMEN BILZEN event (1 km swimming, 10 km running and 100 km cycling) in Belgium on the 14 th of May, using his 2-SPOKE wheel-set

  • 2-SPOKE BAS plaatje

    VIDEO at:   https:vimeo.com/217698205     (Bas at 1.50 min.)


  • Bas Diederens first public performance with his 2-SPOKE wheel set leads to his fastest bike time during IRON-MAN event in Texas

  • Remco Grasman did an outstanding job and beated professional cyclist and time trial expert Steven Lammertink (Lotto-Jumbo team) with almost 40 seconds in the same heat….

    2-SPOKE Vadesto tijdrit

During the 16 km long VADESTO time trial on May the 16 th  Remco covered this distance in a miraculous 48.98 km average whereas number two and professional cyclist Steven Lammertink used 38 seconds more resulting in a 1.5 km lower average speed. Last year Remco used 1 minute more then Lammertink in the same time-trial. Remco also improved this track record and has now improved EACH track record in the last 8! different time-trial events all over the Netherlands.


  • Triathlete trainer Pieter Aben now promoting “2-SPOKE” on the triathlon eldorado at Lanzarote island.

2-SPOKE Pieter Aben bij M5

It took Pieter Aben only one single bike trip with his Specialized S-works to be convinced about the incredible aero benefits of the 2-SPOKE wheel set. In his words: the “brick wall speed limit” has moved upwards by almost 2 km!!


  • Alyda Norbruis wins Worldcup Competition using 2-SPOKE wheels

Alyda Norbruis wins time trial during Worldcup competition Maniago , Italy (12 May 2017) with 2-SPOKE wheels.

  • Three first places with 2-SPOKE wheels at World Cup Para Cycling, Mantiago, Italy (12-05-2017)

During three different time trial events today May the 12th 2017 the 2-SPOKE wheels were again the fastest with a first place for Women C2 category Alyda Norbruis (double gold medallist in Rio 2016) , a first place for Jetze Plat (gold and bronze medallist in Rio 2016)  in the very competitive H4 class and a first place for Tim de Vries in the H5 class.

It looks like normal but it is absolutely not….

Today Remco Grasman won the 4th!! time trial in a row this month over a distance of 34.45 km despite a very strong participant field and a very hard wind. Lots of profit from the 2-SPOKE wheels!! Remco reached an average speed of 49.3 km/h! And Guido Vroemen’s coaching works as well. Remco never finished a time trial of this length above 49 km/h average. This of course is not coincidental. O.K., Remco is with his 44 years of age a truly unbelievable time-trial cyclist but he confirms that he’s riding like 1 to 2 km’s faster with his 2-SPOKE wheels depending on wind conditions and directions PLUS he can use them in very strong wind conditions where other people are almost blown away with their full disc-,  3-,  4- or 5 spoke wheels.

Image: Bauke Wagenmakers

  • And for the third! time in 2 weeks another victory and AGAIN track record at the Ard Schenk time trial in Wieringermeer (19-04-2017)

Under again very cold conditions Remco amazed himself, the partcipants and the organisation with yet another victory and track record!

  • Remco Grasman did it again on the biggest (800 participants) time trial event in the Netherlands, (Almere 15-04-2017)

Remco absolutely smashed the rest of the field with an astonishing 47.59 km while Beaufort 5 was blowing from the north east. He was like two kilometre faster then the nr. 2. And that’s not all… despite the cold (12 degrees) and stormy (Bft.5) weather a new track record was set. While everyone was complaining about the strong side winds Remco used the energy of the wind with his 2-Spoke bladed wheels!

  • TRACK RECORD for Remco Grasman with 2-SPOKE wheel set.

Remco Grasman wins the years first time trial in Warns (7.3 km with standard traffic…) He set a track record time with the use of the 2-SPOKE wheel set and reached an average of almost 50 km/h. Although this was already his fifth successive year, it was his fastest time ever!

  • Bike Radar covers 2-SPOKE wheel

Wondering if cross winds will be converted to free speed! Check the article in Bike Radar.

  • New sponsorship between 2-Spoke and multiple Dutch Time Trial Champion Remco Grasman.


Last week Bram Moens delivered officially a brand new set of 2-SPOKE wheels to Remco Grasman. Remco will use these fastest wheels in the world in the coming 2017 competition. We will keep you updated about the results!



qatar_1 qatar_2

Maaike Boogaard in action with 2-SPOKE wheels during the World Championships in Qatar at the Women Juniors Individual Time Trial. In below video Maaike can be seen at 32:39, 45:06 and 50:23.



Jetze zwart wit

  • Two golden, one silver and one bronze medal on Rio Paralympics with M5 2-SPOKE wheel!
  • And a new world record on the 500 meter standing start as well for Alyda Norbruis…

M5 2-SPOKE wheels are used by the worlds fastest professional bicyclists and hand-bikers. Among them the current Paralympic and world champion Triathlon 2016 Jetze Plat and many more professional cyclists like world champion and two times Paralympic gold medalist Alyda Norbruis (Rio 2016). Also the TEAM.NL tandem with Vincent ter Schure and Timo Fransen have used the 2-SPOKE in  the 20 km time trial with a silver medal as result.

Especially the use of the wheel in the tandem proves the strength of the wheel.

Recent article and video in the newspaper PZC (in Dutch)

Video: Women’s Individual Pursuit – C 1-3: qualifying


Recent competition results

Jetze Plat finishing 26th overall out of 2232 nd total in his first triathlon ever on the KONA, Hawaii Iron Man
October 14 th.

Dylon de Kok and team 2nd place despite a flat at Red Bull 100 km team time trial. October 6th, the Netherlands

Joris Rogiers FIRST PLACE on 500 km Solo Time Trial Drenthe, 12-08-2017 with 36,63 km/h average!

Sarissa de Vries
on Almere Triathlon (long distance) 09-09-2017

Remco Grasman
Winner Long distance Time Trial of 138 km
September 24 th, Almere with average of 46.3 km!

Remco Grasman

UCI Time Trial 2017
Albi - France

Pieter Aben

UCI Time Trial 2017
Albi - France

Jetze Plat
time trial Hand Biking H4 class, on the UCI Para-Triathlon Time Trial in South Africa, 31-08-2017

Daniel Knegt
of the Netherlands, Tandem Category, 03-09-2017

2-SPOKE is UCI approved

Rio 2016 Results