• The M5 Two Spoke wheels are manufactured with the well known and leading TORAY© 800 and 1000 unidirectional pre-peg carbon fibres. These have a magnificent yield tensile strength of 5.88 Mpa.
  • Why not fancy looking 3K? Well, we choose for UD fibres with a defined fibre direction since this gives by far the best weight/strength ratio!
  • Around the hub and inside the wing and rims are sophisticated reinforcement systems and areas which take care of the loads which occur especially during cornering.
  • All fibres are pressed with 12 bar during the one hour curing.
  • Our own production light weight aluminium hubs with Japanese industrial ball bearings.
  • Long lasting basalt braking surface for most effective braking capacity and which can withstand 210 degrees Celsius.
  • Available in tubular and clincher in ETRTO 622 (700 C)
  • Suitable for cassettes with 9, 10 or 11 speed (Shimano/SRAM fitting),  Campagnolo rotor on request.
  • All wheels are standard made with carbon rims (track- and disc brake version) or carbon with a basalt brake.
  • Use braking pads suitable for carbon rims only (Swiss Stop f.e.)
  • Carbon rims also imply: lowest weight at the right place (outer wheel diameter).
  • Hidden valve nipple for best aerodynamics.
  • Hidden magnet speed sensor for best aerodynamics.
  • All wheels come with a matte UD finish.
  • Height tolerance less then 0.15 mm.
  • Side tolerance less then 0.5 mm. (typically between 0.1 and 0.25 mm only)
  • Clincher type rim inflatable up to 9 bar ( 125 psi). Tubeless ready rims.
  • Tubular type rim inflatable up to 12 bar ( 165 psi).
  • Maximum load 100kg ( 220 lbs) but even used by tandems…..
  • Weight front wheel ranges from 960 gram (clincher/tubular) to 1050 gram for a disc brake version.
  • Weight rear wheel (with 9/10/11 speed rotor) ranges from 970 gram (clincher/tubular road) to 1080 gram (clincher disc brake).
  • Weight mono-hub wheel tubular 820 gram.
  • UCI approved design.

2-SPOKE is UCI approved

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