No, this exciting new 2-SPOKE wheel didn’t come out of nowhere…..far from it!

M5 (est. 1983) is a small scale Dutch company founded by Bram Moens. It is renowned for their creative vision in designing and building lightweight special bikes and bike parts. And they do race with their own products! So they know the demands of record bikes, fairings and wheels. A numerous number of national-, European- and world records have been achieved by Bram himself and his friends/customers.

Among these are the world hour record (Faired and Non-Faired) of 77.123 km/h, the 100 km record (F), 12 hour- (F), 24 hour- (F) and the 1000 km record (F). Especially the one hour record has been improved a lot of times. Also the current one hour-record of 57,6 km/h (N-F) belongs to M5. In 1992 Bram sprinted to a 72,4 km per hour on his Carbon High Racer on the 200 meter flying start and this record is still unbeaten.

Other prices for M5 products are “Constructor of the Year” in the Netherlands (2016), Bicycle Innovation Award of the Netherlands (2017), the European Aluminium Award (2006) and winner of the “Bike of the Year” contest in 1997 in the Netherlands.

Some examples of these lightweight bike products are a front road hub of 33 gram and front disc hub of 103 gram. The well known calliper “Bram Brake” which won the EAA (European Aluminium Award) in 2006 and hit the scale with a mere 73 gram.

Recent results

Sarissa de Vries
2nd place
on Almere Triathlon (long distance) 09-09-2017

Remco Grasman
World Champion

UCI Time Trial 2017
Albi - France

Pieter Aben
3rd place

UCI Time Trial 2017
Albi - France

Jetze Plat
World Champion
time trial Hand Biking H4 class, on the UCI Para-Triathlon Time Trial in South Africa, 31-08-2017

Daniel Knegt
National Champion
of the Netherlands, Tandem Category, 03-09-2017

2-SPOKE is UCI approved

Rio 2016 Results