Spectacular gain by simply switching to a 2-SPOKE front wheel
As displayed in the test results below, using 2-SPOKE wheels result in large benefits. Picture this: 28,5 metres gain in a 4 kilometre time trial, just by switching a top range front wheel for a 2-SPOKE front wheel. The list of successes at a large number of race events already provided a strong hint of the capabilities of this extraordinary wheel, but it’s now supported by hard facts by means of independently executed measurements.

Replacing any top range rear wheel by a 2-SPOKE rear wheel will also provide an increase in speed and performance. The magnitude depends on the frame type, but speed gain is guaranteed!

Keep in mind that no part of your bike has the potential to optimise your efficiency like the wheels do! These 2- SPOKE wheels make the difference with your competitors.


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m5 2spoke 190124 AeroPro test, M5 FFWD wheels-1-4